Standard E

Culturally Responsive Curriculum Standard E can be summed up in the short phrase, “Think Globally, Act Locally”. The main goal of this standaIMG_0536rd is to have students put their local experience into a global context. By thinking globally, students may gain an appreciation for the impact that their community can have on a global scale.

One potential lesson could be for students to research the traditional hunting and fishing practices. From this point, students would look into how Fish & Game determines game management regulations and compare that to the traditional practices previously researched. I think that it would be really neat to bring in a panel of various community leaders from the game management arena to discuss how they use local insight to try to develop responsible game management practices.


3 thoughts on “Standard E”

  1. Hey, Reuben!

    I really liked your lesson idea! It is not only relevant, but it allows for great discussion, critical thinking, and community involvement. I would love to sit in on that community leader/class discussion!

  2. Reuben,

    Great idea shared here. We struggle with these management issues and the resources are under a lot of pressure locally and globally. Sure would be nice if we could step back from the mine, mine , mine attitude and consider these resources as a collective ‘ours’

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