1. Culturally responsive teaching takes the culture of the students into account when teaching and uses it to help engage the students using relatable material.
  2. Being a science teacher I could integrate history into many lessons such as sustainability and fishing. I could go into how changing laws and regulations have affected the salmon and forests of southeast Alaska.

3 thoughts on “CRT”

  1. Hey, Luke!

    Thanks for sharing about your idea. I’m wondering if you have any vision for how students would be involved in the history-learning process (which I totally love!). Maybe they could research various laws and present about them!!

    Good job!

  2. When you take into account all the cultures your students will come from, you will have quite a rich foundation to inspire your lesson planning. Especially if you combine with other subjects. I also liked how we took the lessons out of the classroom; you could use the outdoors to connect to students- what do they do outside of the classroom that reflects their culture? I am sure you will find a lot of ways to teach science with a culturally responsive outlook.

  3. Engaging students in culturally relevant material is a way to bring the classroom together and also to make the material come alive and be obviously relevant to the student. Interdisciplinary teaching is also a great way for students to see how everything we are teaching is actually important and interwoven in the world.

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