Where I’m From: Shaun


Where I’m from… – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires;



What have I learned from this activity and how might I use the learning strategies and / or technology in my teaching placement?

The learning strategy of HaikuDeck, to me, as it applies to foreign-language instruction, is to take available information from the individual and transmute it into a simple slideshow presentation that may be used as an aid to an oral presentation.

The learning strategy of WordPress, to me, is to create an open-access databank available for students, in which students can collaborate and share their developments and projects with the class on an online platform.

To use HaikuDeck in the French classroom:

It could used for simple presentations of a similar manner (sampling a piece of work, maybe not necessarily an “I am from”), it could be used for a book review/synopsis, talking about parts of an individual’s life, or for presentations on locations in the francophone world.

It is a simple presentation tool, albeit with some mildly-infuriating restrictions (namely, unmovable, and non-resizable text boxes), but a project could be done at home as part of homework.

It would be a more applicable tool in the classroom if the students used their own photos for the presentations, so they are more authentic to the student.

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2 thoughts on “Where I’m From: Shaun”

  1. Wow, you did a great job pairing pictures and words–you really get a feel for the place and who you are with just a few short slides! Great job!

  2. Thanks Shaun!

    I loved the simplicity of less is more with your slides. It made me really focus on a few things that really mean a lot to you– and that are a part of you.

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