Place: Where to eat in Fairbanks, Alaska

My idea of travel and sightseeing is largely based on food. This is something I inherited from my family, particularly my maternal grandfather, who would meet guests at the airport with three dozen fresh bagels. He was convinced that without an immediate bagel infusion we would starve to death on the drive from the airport to his house, and I’ve never been entirely sure he was wrong.

There are many things to see and do in Fairbanks, particularly in summer when the days are endless. You can hike the trails, float the river, pick blueberries, party all night. But you can’t do any of those things on an empty stomach. So for the hungry traveler who has just arrived in Fairbanks, here are some small, local eateries that offer delicious and convenient meals.

2 thoughts on “Place: Where to eat in Fairbanks, Alaska”

  1. I like the variety of food as well as types of shops you picked for your maps. I also enjoyed reading about the your love for bagels.

  2. Thanks Katy!

    Growing up in Anchorage– I visit Fairbanks a lot… and I too love food. I never know where to go and FBX is so spread out and hard to find anything! I will totally actually use this:) AND, thanks for sharing.

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