Time to give some initial form to your idea for a lesson. It should be a short “elevator pitch” with just enough information so that others can get a sense of what you’re working on. Please do this as a blog post due by Sat night 6/18. (Use the categories “student posts” and “idea”)

Students should plan to read their design groups ideas in prep for Monday’s class.

See if you can answer all five questions

  1. Intended audience? Alaska region – grade, course, etc
  2. About how much class time to do this lesson?
  3. What’s the essential question? (is there one?)
  4. What source material would students use (include a link or example).
  5. A brief explanation of “what are the kids going to do?”

Be honest in your appraisal – if you’re stuck, others might be able to help you.

Image source: I have an idea @ home by Julian Santacruz

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