Preparing for ED 680: Your Socio-cultural Identity

Two of the main learning objectives of ED 680 are:

  • Students reflect on their own socio-cultural identities and understand the differential access to power accorded to various social and cultural groups.
  • Students articulate their own cultural assumptions and biases.

We will be talking about the forces that shape you and how your socio-cultural identity develops during the first part of the course. The purpose for exploring your own identity is so that you are better able to understand your students as cultural beings – what motivates and engages them – thus making you a more effective teacher.

Be thinking about your socio-cultural identity in these weeks leading up to our first class. Please bring an object of personal cultural significance (or a photograph of that object if it is too bulky or too precious to bring with you) to share with rest of the class on June 14. The object might be a recipe, a piece of jewelry, regalia, a book, or anything that holds value to you – be ready to explain why you chose to share the object. Please do not bring photographs of people – instead, think about an object.

Image Source: Tlingit basket, spruce roots and grass – Museum of Cultures (Helsinki). Link.

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