My Many Places

I was really excited about this technological storytelling project for multiple reasons. First of all, I love using technology in the classroom to enhance learning and am open to learning about new methods or platforms that can help do so. Also, I liked the idea of creating a visual representation of my experiences living in so many different places. Before we were even set loose to brainstorm and explore the possibilities of our projects, I had an image in my mind of exactly what I wanted.

It wasn’t too much of a learning curve working with MyMaps- I use GoogleMaps often, so I just needed to learn how to add markers to my searched locations and then add pictures to the markers. I was excited to use personal photos of me and my family, and I learned how to collect the photo’s link in order to upload that to my marked spots.

The videos provided by our professor answered many of the questions I had. I appreciated having the visual process to guide me through the steps, and I rewinded and fast-forwarded when needed, allowing me to move at my own pace.

I watched the videos to learn how to embed my Google Maps journey in this post and am proud to share it with the public. Please enjoy the tour of my many homes!

5 thoughts on “My Many Places”

  1. Hey Ruth,
    I was drawn to this map because of how vast your stories spanned. I think where this map excelled for me, was how I was able to picture you as the character in your stories. I find that when I describe my places to others, I tend to give a “review”ish style, not often incorporating my own feelings and experiences. I really appreciated you sharing your life in this way.

  2. Ruth, I really enjoyed seeing and hearing about your life’s journey. When I think about maps, I rarely think about it in a personal way. I really enjoyed how you brought your map to life. I also like how you chose different pins for each location! Super cool! Thank you! -LB

  3. Ruth

    Wow Ruth! Your presentation really made me aware of how much more I could have added to my map to make it more personal. I loved your photos and I loved the little blurbs about the importance of each place in your life. Is it too late to go and edit my map?!

    You an amazing, accomplished and resilient young woman. It can’t be easy living with Lyme disease. I can’t wait to hear you play!

  4. I like how personalized your map is Ruth. You can tell you put a lot of heart into it. Erin has spent some time in Peru (and quite a bit in Bolivia too). You guys should chat.

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