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This is a walking tour of downtown South Douglas Island. I grew up on “the island” as my mom calls it. My old house is spot “D” on the walking tour and I found a google image of it before it was torn down. Today, all that exists in that spot is gravel. From the tour you can see some of my favorite childhood places to explore and some more recent places that I’ve discovered as an adult. When available, I added both historical and contemporary photographs to the locations. One of the beautiful parts about Douglas is the history that exists there. I included locations that are important to my own personal history like: my former home, my elementary school, the site of my dad’s art studio where I learned to paint, my favorite garden spots, and some of my current Girl Scout Troop’s favorite field trip spots. I also included some points of cultural and historical significance like: the Douglas Reservoir and Dam, the Alaska Native Cemetery, the Treadwell mine “New Office Building,” Mt. Jumbo Gym (former school), and the Glory Hole (part of the mine). The Glory Hole Mine Ruins location includes a short video about the history of the mine as well as an additional map of the various historical sites along the Treadwell trail. I wanted to show how My Maps could be really used as a learning tool, so I also included links to more information about many of the sites.

2 thoughts on “Place- Douglas Island”

  1. This is great – I love how much information it contains, and all the additional links so that you can follow up something that interests you. I also like how varied the information is. There’s personal history, community history, and current attractions, and the overall effect is really fun and unexpected – like being led around town by a local rather than by a guidebook.

  2. Electra,
    This is such a personal tour with such heart, I appreciate the details in the narrative and map. I feel like I will see South Douglas with a new pair of eyes, your eyes (in a totally non-creepy way). I think the different icons made your map pop, and the differentiation between letters and symbols drew me in more to the map. Thank you so much for sharing this!

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